Works > The Be-Longing Project (The Other Version)

The Other Cover
Oil on MRMDF Panel
12.375" x 12.375"
The Other Record Single Side A
Oil on MRMDF Panel
11.75" x 11.75"
The Other Inner Sleeve
Oil on MRMDF Panel
12" x 12"
The Other Outer Sleeve Opened
Oil on MRMDF Panel
24.75" x 12.25"
The Other Mailer
Oil on MRMDF Panel
13.5" x 13.375"

A position. A perspective. A death. An icon. A shadow. A sign. A copy. A reflection. An echo. A projection. An expression. A moment. A second. A record. A reference. A color. A shape. A backdrop. A location. A state. An occupation. An aim. A doubt. An illusion. An abstraction. A philosophy. A concern. An attitude. A feeling. An instinct. A desire. A need. A Longing.